Friday, 3 January 2014

I don't speak the language.

This year is totally weird so far. As there is more and more nonsense around me I just wanted to join in and so you get a weird package of things. Most of these things are actually totally last year. 

For christmas I received an adorable package from Hannah with luxurious marshmallows, tea and other pretty things. It's all about the pretty things and thoughts.
Thank you so much again, my dear. The coasters are not only good for good tea but also for long drinks, by the way. Drink your drinks with style.

These pretty things are my favourite christmas cookies since I can remember.
It's a rich chocolate dough with rum, a thin layer of orange jam (apricot is good as well), covered with chocolate and sugar sprinkles. Deliciousness. Did I ever posted the recipe for these? I don't know. Maybe I will catch up with it some day, if you want to.

Nearly every two weeks I have a new favourite meal. The last two weeks it was this soup and I made it three times: mango-hokkaido-soup. Basically: fry finely cut onions and garlic in a little oil, add hokkaido, fry for a few minutes. Add water, sea salt, pepper, fenugreek and cook til the hokkaido is tender. Add fresh or frozen mango, puree. Serve with some pumpkin seed oil. The pictures below are from new year's eve potluck. I had the rest of the soup in the morning at 6. Hmmmm!

Sunshine. A lot of dust.

This was my hair colour a few days ago for a few days only. Could you please stop asking me, if I dyed my hair again? The answer is and always be "yes" and you're all clever enough.
And if I happen to bleach my hair and let it blond, you don't have to worry, that I never will have any bright colours again. Just wait a few weeks. I'd appreciate it.

This picture is from today so: welcome 2014! Please, don't be so confusing. I want this to be a good year. 

Today's twilight. I definitely need more light, uh! More light and less weirdness, okay? Thanks.

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