Saturday, 4 January 2014

Fuzzy negatives.

These pictures are from November 2013 and were taken with the Yashica T4. Cross developed expired Kodak Elite Chrome. 

Some of them are the analogue part of walking around in Berlin at the Spree and Plänterwald.

Halloween on my favourite balcony in Berlin.

So many wrong things in this picture.
Heiterkeit. And a very nice dog.
Heiterkeit and Frohsinn. And crows. Spot the crows.
Plänterwald. Spooky ferris wheel.
Top of youth.

This is Nürnberg, not LA.

Taken out of my car while I was waiting at a traffic light.
Sceptic Kptn. Fuchs
Happy Kptn. Fuchs

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