Saturday, 5 January 2013

Lime maple dressing.

For a nice and cosy silvester potluck (for which everyone cooked waaay too much) I made a pasta salad with the best dressing I've ever made before. 
I'm seeing lots of different salads with this dressing, not only pasta. I see potatoes, I see chickpeas, I see green salad and fresh tomatoes, lamb's lettuce and so on and on....

for the dressing:

2 big pink (or red) onions
2 cloves of garlic
maple syrup
juice of 1 lime
salt, pepper

rest of this salad was:

500 g pasta (linguine)
200g cherry tomatoes
1 small can artichokes

 Finely dice the onions, smash the garlic gloves and dice, too.
Fry on medium heat in a little oil until onions and garlic are getting translucent, stir from time to time.
Deglace with maple syrup. I don't have a clue how much I used, but it was approximetaly 100ml.
Add salt and pepper and let simmer for 2 minutes to caramelize the onions. Then add the lime juice and simmer for another 1 or two minutes.
When I tried it, it was very sourish so I added another table spoon maple syrup. Just do this to your taste.
Then put the dressing aside and cook the pasta al dente.
In the meanwhile, cut cherry tomatoes in half and sautée in a little oil til they begin to melt. For about 4 minutes or so. Drain the artichokes and cut in half.
Mix everything with the linguine and add dressing. I let sit the salad over night but in retrospective I'd say it was even better when it was fresh.

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