Thursday, 3 January 2013

Point. And shoot.

Alright, the Yashica T4 is good for shows, too. But I'm really looking forward to taking pictures with my Minolta again, it hopefully will be repaired in a few weeks.
But what I really enjoy about the Yashica is, as expected, to take the little point-and-shoot everywhere. It's always with me. And I especially like the portrait shots. In the daylight they are really well focused and have a soft touch but are sharp though. But even the pictures at night using the flash light are pretty cool; and as it is a tiny bit quicker to take pictures than with a SLR you get a bit different faces - people aren't very aware of the camera anyway. 

Probably this will push me a bit to take more portraits. And more pictures in general. But actually I'm already in the middle of it.

More pictures here.

PIG//CONTROL at Jugendhaus Erlangen

PIG//CONTROL at Jugendhaus Erlangen

Maak / P//C

Christoph and Rick / P//C

Christoph / P//C

Melinda / DiY OR DiE


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