Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Take a walk in the park.

These are some of the pictures from last Friday in Berlin. My friend Hannah and I roamed around Spreepark, a leisure park which closed its gates 12 years ago in November. 
The park opened 1969 as Kulturpark Plänterwald in the GDR and was also a popular meeting point for punks at this time. It then reopened in 1992 after German reunification as Spreepark. 
We had a great walk along the Spree to this park, accompanied by different kind of birds. We also saw an adorable robin but it was gone as soon as I tried to take a picture. 
As we were walking back a weird noise turned up. We looked back and the ferris wheel was spinning slowly. Spooky!
The Spreepark was unfortunately closed that day, on Saturdays you can visit the savaged premises. So I guess I have to come back on a Saturday some time before this place will disappear forever.

Top of youth. Of course.
Spot the dog.
I was so intrigued by these fences.
Coots and a swan.

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