Friday, 22 February 2013

Cats and cookies.

Uh. Only one eye left. And where the other eye once was, there is a silver shimmering, slightly bloody wound with a lot of stitches. 
Woschech is amazingly doing well. Everything went way faster than I thought, the operation only took the doctor one hour and I was supposed to wait. While he was operating, I was roaming around the vet's practice and it was the most beautiful day since weeks. Everything was covered in a little snow, bright blue sky, sunshine. So even one of the ugliest parts of the town looked kinda friendly and I took some pictures to distract myself. And I bought some treats for Wosch.
Then I went back and I could stay with the cat while he was waking up. Pour little cat, laying there, tongue out of his mouth, snorting quietly, waking up, totally confused, dizzy, one-eyed. 
But he recovered pretty quick from the narcosis.

This was right before we went to the vet.
Sometimes I notice, that he wants to scratch his eye and is startled then, but I don't know if it's pain or the strange feeling that there is no eye anymore. Altogether he's doing really well but is pretty slow and quiet, he even accepts that he's not allowed to go out at the moment. We went together to the backyard but as his favourite thing is to roll around in the dust I had to bring him back to the apartment. Poor cat. Luckily, he's not mad at me. But that's his way: just accepting everything as it is. This cat is the most down to earth cat I've ever known. Well, sometimes he likes to discuss whether it is a good idea to go out at 4pm at night or not but most of the time he is easy to get along with.

After the operation, back at home.

Just in the right time I got a small package in the afternoon after the operation with a jar of cookies. Look at these yummy little things and the promising spring time-ish postcard! I love that. Thanks again, Iris! Let's do cookie swaps more often! (And by the way: your cookies are finally on their way to you)

Orange pistachio, maple walnut and chocolate sea salt cookies.

Sometimes I look at him and have to take a deep breath, I feel so sorry for him. On the other side, it could be way worse than that. On one ultrasound scanning they found a tiny shadow, two or three months ago, and there was this fear again that it might be a tumour. But the vet who removed his eye assured me, that he couldn't find anything like that during the operation.
He sent the infectious eye to a lab in Vienna, to get it tested. There is a tiny chance, that parasites caused all this and that these parasites are still there.
Never ending story.

So at the moment I hope that the wound will heal very well and that he will be a bit more agile again. And if there are any parasites: fuck off.

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