Saturday, 5 July 2014

Sticky buns w/ hazelnuts.

Sticky buns with hazelnuts and cocoa

The recipe is more or less the one from Minimalist Baker, I made a few changes though.
Instead of instant yeast I used fresh one, soy milk instead of almond milk, hazelnuts and cocoa instead of pecans and cinnamon. 

And I never prepare yeast in a separate bowl. Just fill the required amount of flower in a bowl, make a little dent and fill in warm fluid, yeast and a little sugar. Let sit for a few minutes and the yeast will just turn out fine. Then mix everything together. In this recipe you melt vegan butter in soy milk and use this as the starter for your yeast.

After 10 minutes you can see the yeast's been activated.
Let sit for one hour. You can prepare this even over night. It will rise and be super fluffy dough.

I can't wait to turn them upside down.

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