Thursday, 9 May 2013

Talk is just convention.

Scrambled tofu made from silken tofu. Was very good but I still like it more with firm tofu. 
Together with a cucumber sandwich. 

Hoummous made with lots of wood garlic.

Hoummous with mint and garlic greens on bagel. Orange juice. Cappuccino.

Quite new hair. Carnation pink (mixed with lavender) and tourquois.

The garden sorrel is growing, 3 weeks or so ago it looked like this
The tree in the background is full of chirping sparrows. Have I mentioned, that I love sparrows? I love sparrows.

The cat is perfectly alright at the moment. It's sometimes heartbreaking to look at him, though.

A few minutes before our recent radio show in April (DIY OR DIE). Bored and tired and excited, waiting to get into the studio. I like that moment.


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