Saturday, 20 October 2012

Slightly spicy veggie stew.

This is a very hearty, slightly spicy, very satisfying, curry-ish stew.

- onion
- red curry paste
- carrots
- fresh spinach
- frozen edamame
- tahin
- fennu greek
- paprika
- soy sauce
- soy cream
- oil

Fry finely diced onion in a little oil until translucent. I used olive oil but use any oil you prefer.
Add some red curry paste to your taste, I only had half a teaspoon. If you like your food spicy use a bit more! Stir pretty well and add diced carrots. Add fennu greek and paprika, stirring all the time. 

Add some water, until the carrots are just covered. Let cook for a few minutes until the carrots are almost done, then add the very, very, very good cleaned spinach leaves. Stir, then cover your pot with a lid and let simmer for two minutes so the spinach will kind of wilt. 

Add the frozen edamame, a little bit tahin and soy cream (you can use coconut milk as well, I only had soy cream and it was really good), stir again and then season to taste with soy sauce.
The tahin makes the stew creamy and yummy, make sure to try it!

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